Previous Rescues

Each purchase of our pet rescue apparel and gifts helps us support animal rescues. These are some of the great animal rescues that we have worked with in the past.


The Center for Animal Rehabilitation & Education Inc. (C.A.R.E.) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization whose mission is to provide for, through advocacy and activism, the needs of all exotic birds, elder dogs and small animals. They educate the public about the needs of exotic birds, elder dogs and small animals. CARE provides permanent housing for any exotic birds not able to live in a typical home environment, excluding birds with contagious diseases. Their goal is to find a loving, responsible, permanent home for adoptable birds, dogs and small animals. We worked with The Center for Animal Rehabilitation & Education Inc. in May of 2022.


Sandy Paws

Sandy Paws Rescue inc. is a 501(c)3 non profit organization dedicated to the well-being of family pets in need. We provide assistance to families in financial distress as well as aid in connecting them with spay and neuter services. If a family’s need is greater than what we can provide, we will assist with finding the pet or pets a new home. Sandy Paws Rescue inc. also helps pets at risk of euthanasia from high-kill shelters. We worked with Sandy Paws Rescue inc. in March of 2022.


Save Rocky the Great Dane Rescue and Rehab

Save Rocky the Great Dane Rescue and Rehab is a federal 501(c)(3) non-profit organization run by volunteers dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of Great Danes, Great Dane mixes, and other giant breeds that have been abused, neglected or abandoned. We are located in Texas, but work throughout the United States. You could say that we are your Great Dane rescue near me. We are completely volunteer-led, and eagerly want you to join Team Rocky. Whether that be through donating, volunteering, activism, or adopting, you can be the difference and take action against animal cruelty and neglect. Since Rocky wasn’t given a second chance, help us give that chance to others. We worked with Save Rocky the Great Dane Rescue and Rehab in February of 2022.


Safe With Us Animal Rescue

Originally founded in 2017 as Patra’s Pitty Project, in 2020 they rebranded and rebooted as Safe With Us Animal Rescue. Safe With Us Animal Rescue is a registered, nonprofit 501(c)(3) animal rescue located in Massachusetts. They are an all-volunteer, shelter-less rescue. They are an all-breed rescue that strives to help the underdog. We worked with Safe With Us Animal Rescue in January of 2022.

French Bulldog Rescue Network

  • French Bulldog Rescue Networks mission is based on the three R’s: rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome. FBRN rescues French bulldogs in need from commercial breeding kennels, import brokers, shelters, private rescue groups, or Good Samaritans. FBRN is 100 percent volunteer-run, with volunteers in all fifty states and Canada. Their foster volunteers nurture these dogs, provide education, and training. Their goal is to place healthy, happy French bulldogs into their forever home. We worked with French Bulldog Rescue Network in December of 2021.


Rescue Rebels by Cash 4 Canines
  • Rescue Rebels mission is to provide a better life and second chance for companion animals. They are dedicated & devoted to saving dogs that are left abandoned in shelters, surrendered by their owners, and those that are abused and neglected. They rescue them, give them the care they need, and find them loving forever homes. Rescue Rebels by Cash 4 Canines, Inc is a registered non profit 501(c)3 organization established in May 2015.  We are a foster based rescue in the state of Florida. Their goal is to help as many dogs as they can, to overcome their yesterday's and rewrite their tomorrow's. Every animal deserves a loving home & family to call their own. Our amazing team of volunteers are committed to helping homeless animals in our community. Our true passion is to make a difference for every dog possible."Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog the world will change Forever." We worked with Rescue Rebels by Cash 4 Canines Inc. in November of 2021. 
Bailey's Way Rescue
  • Bailey's Way Rescue is a foster based, 501c3 non-profit rescue, with a strong presence in the Tamps Bay and Fort Myers areas. They are a group of volunteers dedicated to rescuing abandoned, neglected or abused dogs and cats, including those who have run out of time at public shelters. In addition to their rescue efforts, they are very active in the community through events and education. They do their best to help animal owners keep their dogs and cats in their homes with assistance of vet care or dog/cat food when needed. Most significantly, Bailey's Way is foster based and provides their fosters with everything needed for the animals, to include monthly heart-worm and flea/tick preventatives. Many of the animals they have rescued are either medical cases or special needs and often are the dogs or cats that no one will take. Their group does auctions, raffles, dog washed, adoption events and many other fundraisers to fund the rescue. With additional financial assistance, they hope to acquire property to place a small climate controlled facility to help save additional dogs and cats or create a safe haven for those emergencies that often arise. We worked with Bailey's Way Rescue in October of 2021. 

      Low Rider Dachshund Rescue of Florida
      • Low Rider Dachshund Rescue of Florida, Inc. is an all volunteer group with an unyielding drive to save and improve the lives of dachshunds and dachshund mixes that cross our path. With a network of foster homes and a dedicated team of volunteers, they rescue, provide medical care, and deliver dogs to forever homes all across the state. It is their goal to never turn away a dog that is within our capacity to help. A mutual respect for each other and a passion for saving little dogs with loving hearts and big attitudes motivates us each and every day. They are a 501c3 non-profit rescue organization specializing in dachshund and dachshund mixes. They don’t house them in a shelter, but instead provide qualified foster homes and adopt them out to their furever homes, all over the State of Florida. They have no paid employees, only volunteers so their overhead expenses remain low, allowing them to rescue and provide medical help to more dogs in need. We worked with Low Rider Dachshund of Florida in September of 2021. 

        Southern Cross Animal Rescue (SCAR)
        • SCAR aims to impact the severe pet overpopulation problem in the south through animal rescue, public education, community outreach, foster networks, and transportation programs. SCAR is a 501c3, non-profit organization. Their building is constantly being remodeled/updated but they aren't letting that slow us down! They are always actively saving animals. Since they are small, they cannot take every animal in need. As much as that breaks their hearts, they focus on the most desperate cases: animals starving in the streets, sick, mangy, or injured animals, and animals on death row in kill shelters. They have big goals and even bigger dreams. We worked with SCAR in August of 2021.



        Fluff Animal Rescue Inc
          • FLUFF Animal Rescue exists to save lives and Make a Difference!  Through community awareness, assistance, education and rescue, we aim to confront animal over-population and shelter over-crowding. Their tagline sums up how they feel about the animals in our care: From Lonely and Unloved to Forever Family.  FLUFF has over 150 fosters and volunteers who partner with the rescue every day to help save lives!  In 2019, the rescue expanded operations to include a 3000 sq. ft. thrift retail store, and in May, 2020, FLUFF expanded retail operations.  FLUFF Animal Rescue and FLUFF Re-Tail for Rescue now operate simultaneously in one 8000 sq ft building in the city of Seminole, Florida.  With an overwhelming response from their community and partner rescue friends, FLUFF Animal Rescue and FLUFF Re-Tail for Rescue is among one of the top rescues in the area. We worked with Fluff Animal Rescue in July 2021.

          Lucky Farms Animal Rescue
            • Lucky Farms Animal Rescue is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit volunteer-driven organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and placing animals into responsible and loving forever homes. While they are not a breed specific rescue, an emphasis is placed on rescuing giant breeds, as they do not thrive in a shelter environment. They believe in second chances. They rescue animals from public shelters, those that are given up by their owners due to difficult circumstances, and animals from abuse or neglect. They are a foster-based rescue. While pets are in our charge they receive the best possible medical care, behavioral assessments and/or training and are treated like members of the family in our foster homes. We worked with Lucky Farms in June of 2021.

              For Bullies Sake Breed Rescue
                • For Bullies Sake rescue was founded because of dogs being euthanized based on breed. Sherman D Hooper never met a dog he couldn't touch and raised his children to judge a dog based on its temperament not its looks. Judge the deed not the breed. They are a tiny rescue in Picayune Ms. What few volunteers they have are passionate about Their cause. It takes a village. They promote responsible dog ownership as well as advocate against animal cruelty. Changing lives one dog at a time. Changing minds every chance we get. We worked with For Bullies Sake in May of 2021.

                  Short Noses Only Rescue Team
                    • SNORT is an all-volunteer registered 501(c)3 non-profit rescue based in the Northeast.  Its purpose is to rescue brachycephalic dogs (mostly French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, English Bulldogs and Pugs) from shelters and owners who can no longer keep them, and place them into loving homes. They believe all dogs should be given a chance and fair evaluation. Man’s best friend sometimes does not communicate in ways which we would like, and they pride themselves for taking the time to understand their needs.  Through education, training and matching dogs to the right homes, they hope to reduce the number of brachycephalic dogs that are euthanized unnecessarily. We worked with SNORT in April of 2021.

                    Route 66 Rescue Inc
                      • Route 66 Rescue Inc. rescues in memory of any dog that lived without the love of a forever family. We make a difference, one dog at a time. We worked with Route 66 in March of 2021.

                        South Texas Boston Terrier Rescue
                          • Caring for and healing the hearts, bodies and minds of Boston Terriers in need, whether from neglect, abandonment or abuse, until they are ready for their forever homes. Their goal is to be an additional resource for the Boston Terrier rescues already in existence and work hand in hand with them towards the same common goals, putting the best interest of the dogs first and foremost. They are a home-based foster and ran by volunteers. We worked with STBTR in February of 2021. 

                          Arkabutla Rescue Rehabilitation & Foster
                          • ARRF works specifically with rescue and rehabilitated rescued dogs with behavior issues such as dog aggression, food aggression, feral dogs, fear biters e.t.c.. Dogs that otherwise would never have the opportunity to be welcomed into their own forever home because of these issues. They are family based, full time rescue and foster group. Their ultimate goal is to love and rehabilitate these dogs back to gentle and loving souls that deserve a second chance. We worked with AARF in January of 2021. 
                          • KC English Bulldog Rescue is a 501(c)3 organization founded in 2014 that rescues, rehabilitates, and re-homes English Bulldogs who have been surrendered by their owners, are in animal shelters or have otherwise found themselves homeless and in need. Our goal is to find permanent loving homes for these bulldogs as well as educate the public about this wonderful breed. We have volunteers across the Kansas City Metro area who love the Bulldog breed and are dedicated to its continued well-being.

                            Buddies Thru Bullies
                              • Buddies Thru Bullies was founded in 1995 and has relied solely on volunteers and donations for the last 21 years. All funds they receive are used to treat any major, treatable medical condition before they are ready to adopt. Their main goal is to make sure these sweet bullies are in good health before they go to their forever home. While they wait for these homes, they get to spend their time at foster homes with loving foster parents. We are partnering with this rescue for the entire month of November 2016.
                              Georgia English Bulldog Rescues
                                • Our mission is to first ensure the safety and well-being of all English Bulldogs that we take in and second to educate the public in the care of English Bulldogs. We rehabilitate and re-home English Bulldogs that are sick, neglected, abused, or injured. Moreover, we provide a safe alternative to shelters for owners that are faced with the already difficult decision of finding a new home for their English bulldog. GEBR rescued 23 English Bulldogs our first year and since forming in 2009 have rescued more than 480 dogs. The rescue has approximately 35-45 dogs in foster care at any given time.

                                  Florida English Bulldog Rescue
                                    • Florida English Bulldog Rescue has been helping this wonderful breed since 2007. We are a small group of volunteers with a huge love for the bulldog. We are a 501(c)3 organization, that has helped over 500 bulldogs and that number is growing. We give each bulldog that enters our program 100% care and rehab so that is has the best chance at a quality life in a forever home. Florida English Bulldog Rescue (FEBR) is a volunteer group whose mission is to rehab and re-home neglected, abused and unwanted English Bulldogs throughout the state of Florida. We also provide a safe alternative to shelters for owners that are faced with the decision to find a new home for their bulldog.

                                      Moe Moe's Rescue of the Rockies
                                        • Moe Moe’s Rescue of the Rockies was organized to aid lost, abandoned and suffering animals through rescue, shelter, and education. It was formed by long time rescue participants all coming together with a common goal of having a very special rescue. Moe Moe’s is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue organization that places animals in foster homes until they can be matched with loving forever homes as well as aiding the community in finding alternatives for displaced pets or families in need. Moe Moe’s is committed to fighting for the animals left behind that no one is willing to help. We stand by our statement “Where there is love there is life..”

                                          Chi Chi's Rescue Ranch, Inc.  
                                          • We are a 501c3, non-profit animal rescue group in the central Florida area! We are an aII breed rescue but specialize in chihuahuas. We have had an influx of emergency cases so donations & fosters are always a need with us, we also welcome them as our June rescue.
                                          Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue 
                                            • Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue is a small group located in Oklahoma. They are all volunteer 501c3 and work at re-homing English Bulldog across the Midwest. They accept all English Bulldogs from owner surrender to pulling them from a kill and no kill shelters. We welcome them as our June rescue.

                                              Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue

                                                Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue, Inc. is an all volunteer 501(c)3 corporation and none of their board members, staff or volunteers are salaried. They accept small breed dogs from abuse situations, surrenders, and kill-shelters.

                                                  • Save A Lab Rescue is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of displaced Labrador Retrievers and Labrador Retriever mixes. Our network of volunteers is located primarily in the southern and northeastern regions of the U.S. - They are our April 2017 Rescue 
                                                  Lilly Pads Rescue 
                                                    • Lily is an English Bulldog born in October of 2014 with spina bifida (SB). She came to us through Panda Paws Rescue (PPR) in February 2015. Prior to and since then we have had many requests for a page dedicated to our animals. Since we now have two other bulldogs with spina bifida, we decided this is a good place to start taking you all on this journey with us. Our goal has been to develop and grow a home based animal rescue, which as of June 22nd, 2016 we have accomplished! They are our April 2017 Rescue.

                                                      Opie's "Special Needs" English Bulldog Rescue 

                                                        Opie's "Special Needs" English Bulldog Rescue, this rescue was founded to help Bulldogs with special needs. Several of these adorable dogs are in wheeled carts or have spina bifida and need to be diapered. They are adorable loving dogs who just need a little extra help and it takes a very special family.  

                                                        Julie works with people across the country to place special needs bulldogs in foster homes until they are ready for adoption, you can follow her on Facebook and see the amount of love that is put into each dog and the special homes who adopt them. It is truly a beautiful sight. Welcome, Opies to the Squishy Faces family for our February rescue! 

                                                        French Bulldog Village Rescue 
                                                        • The French Bulldog Village Rescue is a group comprised of people from all over the United States, whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home French Bulldogs and French Bulldog mixes. As part of our mission, we provide financial assistance and support services to other rescue groups and private rescuers who are working to save French Bulldogs. We work to advance knowledge and awareness of the responsible acquisition and ownership of the French Bulldog breed. We are partnering with this rescue the entire month of December 2016.
                                                        • The French Bulldog Network has been working to rehabilitate and re-home French Bulldogs for 15 years now. The dogs can come to this rescue in a number of ways: owner surrender, from another shelter, or rescued from a puppy mill. From October 1st, 2016 to October 15th, 2016, we partnered with the French Bulldog Network to help with their #1 expense: vet cost.

                                                        Short Mugs Rescue Squad

                                                          • “Placing smush faces in great places” Based out of Houston, TX, Short Mugs is a rescue that helps out squishy faced animals like those featured on our shirts. Their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home these furry friends and give them a second chance at a loving home. We partnered with Short Mugs for the month of September 2016.

                                                            Midwest Pug Rescue
                                                              • Midwest Pug Rescue was founded in 1999 and was the first pug rescue organization in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota. We were fortunate to find wonderful pug people everywhere to help. We now currently serve Missouri and Kansas. Our mission is to rescue and re-home any pug regardless of age or health. We rely on the kindness of a community of pug-lovers who not only donate their time, money and resources but open their hearts. All of our rescued pugs are placed in loving foster homes they are matched with their forever families.

                                                                Midatlantic Pug Rescue
                                                                  • Do you love the pug breed and want to do more to help the snub-noses babies in your area? Consider volunteering with Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue. Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue (MAPR) is looking for some great foster homes and volunteers who can assists needy pugs in Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Eastern Tennessee. Volunteer opportunities are available to suit every level of involvement! While our greatest need is loving foster homes, we also welcome help from volunteers who are available to help with transports, home checks, and other administrative tasks.

                                                                    French Bulldog Rescue of Chicago
                                                                      • Chicago French Bulldog Rescue (CFBR) is a 501(c)(3) that was launched to protect French Bulldogs from neglect, abuse, loss of family and theft. We rescue them from animal shelters and puppy mills. We help families and individuals that can no longer care for their Frenchies. We are shepherds of the breed working to educate about French Bulldogs and most importantly, placing rescued Frenchies into loving homes.

                                                                        IDOG Rescue - Labradoodle & Goldendoodle Rescue
                                                                          • National foster-based non-profit organization that provides assistance for Labradoodles and Goldendoodles needing to be rescued or re-homed and to provide support for doodle owners. We have foster homes throughout the US & Canada

                                                                            100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglade Florida
                                                                              • Our mission is to rescue them, bring them back to health, and show them that not all humans are bad, and that love and a warm bed are just around the corner. Beyond that, we work to raise awareness about this brutal reality happening right in our community, with the hope that our message will result in alternative solutions and more responsible and humane decisions by pet owners.
                                                                              Arkansans Assisting Homeless Animals
                                                                                • Arkansans Assisting Homeless Animals is a foster-based rescue out of Cabot, Arkansas. What began as a small group of animal lovers helping their local community has now grown into a larger network of foster homes that partners with rescues across the country to help our fur orphans find their furrrrever homes!

                                                                                Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary

                                                                                • Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit rescue, based out of Suffolk, VA, that provides a loving, permanent home for special needs dogs and cats. We specialize in unwanted or terminally ill seniors, abandoned hunting dogs, feral cats and others that would be difficult to adopt out of shelters or rescue organizations for health reasons or certain behavioral issues.

                                                                                  Brooke's Legacy Animal Rescue
                                                                                      • Based in Naples, Florida, Brooke's Legacy Animal Rescue is an award winning, animal adoption agency. We're all about second chances! We rescue cats and dogs from kill shelters and find them new homes. On Brooke's 18th birthday, she was driving to her grandparents house for her party. She was involved in a tragic accident that ejected her, and her 7 week old puppy, Mia from her truck. Mia has fully recovered from her head trauma, despite a few scars. Brooke was flown to a Florida trauma center for severe head injuries. She underwent two separate emergency brain surgeries, and after exactly seven days in a coma, she passed away. In Brooke's memory a non-profit Animal Rescue was set up. Any donations or volunteer help/foster care would be greatly appreciated. Brooke's Legacy Animal Rescue, Inc does not have a shelter. We are a volunteer only foster-home based organization. Some of our available cats can be seen in the cat condos at Petco on Naples Blvd. All of our animals are in foster homes around SW FL (Cape Coral, Ft Myers, Estero, Bonita, Naples, and more). We do not have a shelter location, rather adoption events! Our website shows you all of our current available dogs and cats, as well as the albums here on Facebook. You can complete an application and schedule a meet and greet with one of the dogs/cats you are interested in! Not all dogs and cats are at every adoption event.


                                                                                        Bacan Dog Rescue
                                                                                          • The B.A.C.A.N. Dog Rescue is a non-profit, 501c3 organization located in Red Cloud NE. We are dedicated to the care, education, regarding adoption of all dogs but we specialize in the short-faced breeds. staffed only by volunteers. Currently all dogs are placed in foster care while awaiting their medical care and/or forever homes. Our goals are to eventually build a full rescue facility to handle the care of the dogs and to provide a safe, loving and secure facility.


                                                                                            Almost Home Canine Rescue
                                                                                              • Almost Home Canine Rescue (AHCR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue that is dedicated to the betterment of abandoned, neglected, and abused animals in the Sioux Falls and surrounding area. AHCR is solely volunteer ran and foster based, so our work is only made possible through our driven and passionate team of volunteers.


                                                                                                Lucas County Canine Care & Control
                                                                                                  • It is the mission of Lucas County Canine Care & Control to provide a safe environment for the citizens of Lucas County through fair, efficient, and prompt enforcement of laws pertaining to dog control and public education. We also pledge to care for the dogs in our facility with compassion, do our best to return lost dogs to their rightful owners, and strive to find homes for safe dogs that have become homeless through no fault of their own.


                                                                                                    Speak for the Unspoken
                                                                                                      • SPEAK! for the Unspoken is a registered 501(c)(3) pet rescue located in the Columbus, Ohio area. We are a 100% foster-based rescue, devoted to special needs animal rescue and education. We focus our rescue efforts on special needs dogs and cats, double merle dogs born with vision and/or hearing deficits due to poor breeding practices. We believe special needs dogs can live happy and healthy lives, and until the careless breeding stops, we will continue to find these special dogs the homes they deserve.