Our Story

Our story starts here…

Squishy Faces pets are near and dear to our hearts. There is something about those adorable soft muzzles that make their look not just cute, but irresistible. We fell in love with their stubborn, bull-headed personalities some time ago, and it inspired us to create a company around them.

Too many animal rescues are operating on shoestring budgets. If you are a fellow pet owner, I am sure you know how the expenses add up. The rescues need our help to cover the various costs such as medical bills, food, medications, and everything else needed to keep these animals happy and healthy. After owning several rescue pets, we decided to take it one step further. We know that we can’t adopt every rescue pet, but we can donate to the rescues that act as a temporary home to our furry friends.

We work with animal rescues by sponsoring one each month and donating a portion of the proceeds from our pet themed gifts to them. We donate a minimum of 10% of profits. You can find out more about the rescues we have helped under “Rescue Information”.

The story does not end there though. Every time you purchase our pet themed gifts, you are not just helping out a rescue, you are also helping several small businesses, a single mother, a student working his way through college, and so much more. We choose to keep everything local to our small town in the Midwest. Every shirt is hand screened and every hat is hand embroidered, meaning no two are exactly alike. You are doing so much more than just getting a new shirt, a new cup, or a new hat, you are doing an incredible thing, and we thank you.


As of February 2019,  Squishy Faces has donated over $50,000!  We could not do it without your support.  Thank you!