Care Guide

The million-dollar question when it comes to purchasing apparel is always this: how do I wash and dry it? Are there any special instructions I need to follow to keep my shirt in the best condition? When purchasing a shirt or hoodie from Squishy Faces, we want to ensure that it can last you for a long time to come. In this guide, you can find out more about how to care for the apparel you have purchased from Squishy Faces.

Garment Dyed Shirts

In our collection of apparel, you can find both garment dyed shirts and pigment dyed shirts. Garment dying is a method of dyeing fabric that gives them a super soft feel as well as a vintage look. With garment dyeing, your shirt is sewn before it is colored. This is in comparison with piece-dyeing, which does things the other way round. This gives each piece a distressed or worn look, with subtle variations of color throughout each piece.

If you have purchased a piece from the selection of our garment dyed shirts, it is recommended to wash it separately from your other clothing the first few times. As the dyes used in garment dyed shirts are water-soluble, you may wish to continue washing your shirt separately, especially if it is a darker color. Your shirt should be washed in cold water, using only mild soap. Additional instructions can be found on your shirt label – always go back to it when in doubt.

Pigment Dyed Shirts

Now that you know how to care for garment dyed shirts, let’s move on to their pigment dyed counterparts. With pigment dyed shirts, garments are colored by coating the piece in dye, however, it doesn’t get absorbed by the material. Instead, it is bonded to the fabric. As a result, you will find that garment dyed shirts often feature a richer color.

Likewise, with pigment dyed shirts, it’s best to wash them separately from other garments, at least for the first few times. You should avoid using stain removers with these shirts as the removers can end up causing the color to come off. Again, when in doubt, always check the label on your new shirt or hoodie!

Choose from Our Collection of Apparel at Squishy Faces

Whether you are looking to treat yourself or find a gift for a loved one, Squishy Faces has got a wide range of pigment dyed and garment dyed shirts and hoodies to suit your needs. As we hand screen the designs onto each of our shirts, each piece you purchase is truly one of a kind. We donate a minimum of 10% of our monthly proceeds to an animal rescue center of our choice, so you can be assured that you are contributing to something meaningful when you shop with us. For more information on caring for your apparel, feel free to check out our FAQ section.

If you would like to find out more about our products or would like a recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact us today.