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You just need friends!

We say this a lot here at Squishy Faces. Some days you just need a friend.  

These homeless pets need friends, you can be Rachel or Norm or even Scooby it does not really matter who you are as long as you are there to lend a hand, be an ear or just help with really anything.  If you have time - head on over to Facebook. Read some stories about these poor rescue dogs and cats.  Not only the conditions that they are found in but they conditions that they have lived with.

When these little rescues take on an animal they are in it for the long haul it does not matter if it is a 5K attempt to make the fur baby right they are going to do everything in their power to make that pet know that they are loved.

One of our affiliates went to pick up this poor dog in Kansas from an abuse or neglect case, the dog was not with the rescue for more than a few hours before the vet knew that there was very little that could be done, but I promise you that, that little dog knew more love in those few hours than it had in years.  These volunteers put in the hours they put in the miles they put in the money but the emotional toll that it takes that is never-ending.  

We here at Squishy Faces applaud the work that the rescue volunteers do and we will do everything we can in our power to help support them with donations and continue to work on our end.

To that little dog in Kansas - fly free little buddy

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