Why Do We Love Dogs So Much?

Why Do We Love Dogs So Much?

Dogs are man’s best friends, and many people love dogs a lot. Generally, dogs seem to induce happiness as they are loyal, cute, happy, and constantly require affection. They are also one of the best companions people can ask for. Regardless of whether it is a good day or a bad day, dog lovers know that the company of dogs almost always seems to make it better. However, what exactly do humans love about dogs? There are many reasons, so read on to find out more about why we love dogs so much!

Dogs Are Extremely Adorable

There are many adorable dog breeds, and this includes pugs, poodles, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and more. The list is never-ending. No matter what color, size, or breed they are, they are difficult not to love and humans generally cannot resist an adorable dog.

Dogs Are the Best Comforters

Dogs are extremely sensitive animals that can notice if you are having a bad day. They will also do their best to cheer you up and boost your mood, from snuggling you to licking you. With a dog around, they will help ensure you are never in a slump alone and will always be there with you every step of the way.

Dogs Are Great Companions

For many years, dogs have been man’s best friends. They do not judge you, and are always happy to see you when you return from outside. This is evident from their excited demeanor, tail-wagging, or even barking. It is hard not to love dogs who are so excited to see you when you come home.

Dogs Help to Boost Moods

Studies have shown that just spending 15 to 30 minutes with your dog can help you reduce stress, allow you to be more comfortable, and hence, boost your mood. Furthermore, playing with a dog can help to raise levels of dopamine, which helps you feel happier. So if there is ever a time where you are feeling down in the dumps, the trick is to spend some time with your dog. With an excited dog who loves affection and spending time with you, it will definitely help to put a smile on your face.

Dogs Keep People Healthy and Happy

Dogs are active animals that require adequate exercise every day. As such, it is important for owners to constantly play with their dogs and walk them. This means that owners will also reap the benefits of a more active lifestyle, making them happier and healthier. People also generally feel more positive when they spend time with their dogs. Walking your dog after sitting at the computer all day can thus help to promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, keeping people both healthier and happier.

There are many reasons why humans have loved dogs for a long time. They are not only adorable but also help to improve our moods and our mental welfare. If you love your pet dog and would like to wear them anywhere you go, feel free to visit Squishy Faces to check out our wide range of dog apparel that you can wear.

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