When the Princess Runs Off -

When the Princess Runs Off -

So we have quite the princess who lives at our house.  She is prissy, high maintenance and super quirky.  But she is the love our of lives.  However this pampered pooch has one really really bad habit.  

She loves to chase deer!  

When you live in the 100 acre woods, chasing deer is a very bad habit to have.  Now she knows she cannot catch them, but this little squatty girl is more than ready to go!  Over the creek, jumping the downed trees and by the turkeys.  One day those deer will be hers.  But today was not the day.  Today, mom, dad, all her brothers tromped through the 100 acre words to look for this pampered pooch.  

Five hours later, she came tromping home.  Like nothing ever happened.  She was covered in mud, had a few too many ticks (lucky she is protected) and smelled like she rolled in something dead.  But she is our girl and we loved on her like she just came from the spa.

I wish they would know the stress and heart problems they give us when they decide to go on a walk-about.  Love your furry friend and hope like hell they don't decide to give the deer a chase.   Stella you little French bulldog - you cannot catch the deer 

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