What Should You Expect When Adopting A Dog From A Shelter?

What Should You Expect When Adopting A Dog From A Shelter?

Every year, there are 3.3 million dogs who enter an animal shelter. If you love dogs, the idea of all these dogs being stuck in cages at a shelter will probably tug on your heartstrings. The biggest thing you can do for them is to personally rescue a dog from the shelter. Unfortunately, there might be some unique challenges you need to be prepared for. Read on to learn more about what you should expect when adopting a dog from the shelter!

Each Shelter Pet Is Unique 

Just like snowflakes and people, no two shelter animals are the same. Apart from the many breeds available, each dog is also special on the inside. Every dog is different and they have their own individual challenges. You need to understand their needs and what to expect from them. 

Shelter Animals Are Carefully Vetted

While many people may be concerned about shelter pets having certain behavioral issues, many dogs that come from a shelter are already evaluated for health and behavior. Shelters will also offer you prospective reports of the animal’s behaviors. This will help you to better predict the behavior of a rescue dog than a new one from breeders. 

They Need Time to Adjust 

Any dog will take some time to adapt to a new environment. For a shelter dog especially, a new environment may come as a bit of a shock. Therefore, they might appear to be more shy or anxious in their new surroundings. They simply need time to adjust and ease in. 

Separation Anxiety Is Common 

Separation anxiety is not exclusive to shelter dogs but it is one of the common behavioral challenges that come with rescue dogs. These dogs might have been abandoned previously and lost their home before. You need to assure them that you are a safe person and they will not lose this home. Some steps you can take include leaving the music on and giving the dog a puzzle toy to keep them occupied and happy when they are alone. You have to slowly work your way up to leaving the dog alone for a longer time. This helps to ease them into being alone so they will not suffer so much separation anxiety. You have to give them a sense of certainty by showing them that you come home every time you leave the house.  

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