Welcome Southern Cross Animal Rescue!

Welcome Southern Cross Animal Rescue!

We want to introduce the newest addition to our long list of amazing rescues, Southern Cross Animal Rescue! 

Southern Cross Animal Rescue aims to impact the severe pet overpopulation problem in the south through animal rescue, public education, community outreach, foster networks, and transportation programs. SCAR is a 501c3, non-profit organization. Their building is constantly being remodeled/updated but they certainly don't let that slow them down! They are always actively saving animals.

Since they are small, they cannot take every animal in need. As much as that breaks their hearts, they focus on the most desperate cases: animals starving in the streets, sick, mangy, or injured animals, and animals on death row in kill shelters.

They have big goals and even bigger dreams. We are so pleased to be working with rescues who truly care and so glad we could find Southern Cross Animal Rescue. Right now we have two tumblers available with the SCAR logo and three shirts. The shirts have the logo on the back and adorable dog cartoons for the pocket prints. As always 10% of our profits this month will go to SCAR so make sure you support a good cause and get great products.

“Some people see scars, and it is wounding they remember. To me they are proof of the fact that there is healing.”

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