Welcome Our Friends at Save Rocky The Great Dane Rescue and Rehab

This February we have teamed up with Save Rocky The Great Dane Rescue and Rehab. We are so excited to have this chance to work with them. We have been lucky enough to have a couple Great Danes in our life and we will love them forever. 

Save Rocky The Great Dane Rescue and Rehab was founded in honor and memory of Rocky, the Great Dane, whom we tried desperately to save in June 2011. Despite all of our efforts and offers of rehab, he was irresponsibly and needlessly euthanized on June 12, 2011. Every single dog that enters their rescue and rehabilitation will be provided with the care and love that Rocky was denied. The Danes we save will be in his memory and honor.

They are nationwide, which means that they operate within each state in the United States. However, they are based in Texas. The group is completely lead by volunteers whom we are grateful for.

If you're looking to help them make a difference, donate a small or large amount of funds, items from our wishlist, or your time through volunteering. You can visit their website at https://saverockythegreatdane.org/

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