Welcome FLUFF Rescue!

Welcome FLUFF Rescue!

Hey everyone, it is Stella!
I hope everyone is feeling fine. I'm feeling much better I had a bad case of the itchies and daddy took me to the dogtor and I'm feeling lots better.  

I am so excited to introduce everyone to my new friends from FLUFF https://www.fluffanimalrescue.org/  they are the rescue for July that Squishy Faces is helping.  You can buy one of their shirts or tumblers or a hat or anything else from www.Squishyfaces.com and we'll give them 10% of our July profits!

Sadly, a lot of their expenses are for doggos that are hurt, and I am attaching a couple of stories of some of my new friends

Meet Annabelle Annabelle was found by a good samaritan on the side of the road. She had the sweetest disposition despite the HUGE hole in her side near her ribcage. Annabelle's x-rays showed that she was indeed shot as 2 shards of buckshot appeared in her shoulder. She also tested positive for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, yet she continued to show us how grateful she was to be saved and loved. Just a few months after recovery, Annabelle (now Gracie) is loving her amazing life with her new family!

Meet Keira Keira was hit by a car and left for dead on the side of the road for at least two days. Finally, someone took her in and brought her to FLUFF’s attention. Keira needed several surgeries to repair her injuries and lots of love and attention to heal properly. Now Keira will never know what it’s like to be abandoned again! 

We have some special merch for FLUFF that you definitely need on our website and my mom and her workers are hard at work trying to make new stuff so make sure you keep your eyes open. You can find the things they already made here https://squishyfaces.com/collections/monthly-rescue-tees

Until next week 
As Always 

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