Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Dog

Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Dog

You fell in love at first sight with the adorable dog at the animal shelter and brought it home. Now, what’s next? Regardless of whether you have a fluffy puppy or an adult dog, if it’s a brand new or mature attachment, a relationship takes time, effort, and attention to flourish. A strong bond constitutes the foundation of the relationship between you and your furry companion. There are some human concocted misdoings that can impede the relationship to blossom, such as physical punishment or a reluctance to play with your canine. Here are some things you can avoid or do to improve your relationship with your dog.

Provide Leadership

Dog parents often feel discouraged and cave in when their canines don’t listen. Setting boundaries and providing clear leadership can help to strengthen the bond between you and your beloved pup. Your dog will feel a sense of security when they are given a clear idea of where they fit it. However, it is important not to engage in any physical confrontation. Remember that your goal is to improve your relationship with your dog and you can enforce obedience by love.

Train Your Dog

Training can help to reduce your frustrations when you are confused about what your dog is trying to tell you. Consistent training also makes your pup happier as a well-behaved dog can enjoy greater freedom off the leash! A harmonious relationship is a great step towards a stronger bond. Research updated training approach resources online or engage a professional dog trainer’s help.

Spend Quality Time Together

When we say quality time, it’s not just about daily business with your dog. A successful relationship is formed by sharing emotions and experiences, which means spending time and engaging with your dog. Activities such as a forest trail, a ball game, or a beach jog can enrich your relationship with your furry companion!

Hand Feed Your Dog

Offering treats on your hand can create a special bond with your dog. Not only can your dog smell and lick your hand, but he also has to pay extra attention to be gentle while eating. This encourages your pup to focus on you and your command. Moreover, treats are dogs’ favorite, showing your love through food can definitely help to get into your pup’s good books!

Brush to Bond

Some dogs might not fancy grooming, but with some encouragement, brushing can be an excellent tool for bonding. Brushing your dog’s coat can be a soothing and relaxing time for you and your dog. Gradually, you will win your dog’s trust and he would be more than happy for the special attention! Moreover, brushing can help to keep painful mats away and allow you to spot anything unusual on his skin.

Surprise Your Dog

Dog has a thing about novelty. They love to sniff, discover and explore new things and new places. It is nice to treat your canine with surprises for good behavior or just simply to spice up his routine. Offering your pooch a new dog chew, or bringing him to a new dog park can be nice surprises!

Every pup is unique and special. It may require some trial and error to stumble on the befitting ways to improve the relationship with your dog. Take your time to enjoy the process to discover and get to know your furry companion, and be prepared to be showered with unconditional puppy love!

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