Uncharted Territory - What does the dog think?

Uncharted Territory - What does the dog think?

Sometimes change is good and sometimes it is just change.  I we all try to navigate this new normal, you have to take a step back and wonder what our dogs might be thinking?

Why are they home, this it my time to sleep and they have taken me on 10 walks and they said to get ready for number 11.  Do they miss us while we are at work.  Waiting by the door for us to come home.  Now they see us ever hour of every day, think our pets are ready for us to go back to work?  

I know ours are happy to have us around, at least maybe the first week.  The dogs are loving the additional attention, the cat however is a totally different story.  He does not like the changes we are making in the house.  We are totally annoying him, he might have left a surprise or two in someones shoe.  

Stella and the Squishy Faces Crew are hoping and praying you guys are ok, while we all learn the new normal.   Now is the time to offer a simple through the window, maybe just a wave while in line at the grocery store (from the car) or just a nice note on someones social media.  Our pets will be there and they will help us weather this storm

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