Top Things Your Dog Is Trying To Tell You

Top Things Your Dog Is Trying To Tell You

Your canine companion relaxes by your side, occasionally tapping her paws on you. Is she asking for cuddles? Is she asking for snacks? It would be wondrous if we could read our dog’s minds and comprehend exactly what they are trying to express. If only they could speak our language!

Just like a toddler, our canine has the basic emotions: excitement, joy, anger, fear, anger, distress, disgust, and love. However, do you know that a dog does not have complex emotions like pride, guilt, or shame? Especially if you are hoping to be a pet parent, here’s a guide on your dog’s emotions, interests, tail-wagging body language, and some things the dog is trying to tell you.

Try Not to Confuse Me

Consistency is the key to better communication with your dog. Dogs yearn to please their human, but mixed signals will often confuse them and hamper their apprehending. Start with setting a few goals on something you wish your dog can learn or improve. Proceed with one goal at a time, learn how you can transmit a clear message to your canine, and be patient in your expectations.

Walk Me Everyday

Are you bringing your dog out every day? Dogs love to explore and discover, our little backyard can get boring for them. Moreover, regular exercises are important for your bubbly canine to disperse their energy, keep them happy and live a healthy life.

Show Me Some Adventure

Regular walks are essential, but just like humans, dogs need to be stimulated! Treat your dog to special excursions occasionally. Explore a new trail with them, bring them to a new dog park or a pet-friendly cafe. They will be thrilled to meet some paw friends!

Snuggle With Me

You might have seen videos of dogs pawing their humans for attention. Dogs are emotional animals, they need connection and physical interaction. Simply giving them a new toy and expecting them to self-entertain isn’t going to satisfy them. Shower them with your love by offering your canine some belly rubs, ear scratches, and hugs each day.

Love My Tummy

Most canines are food motivated. They think food, they eat food and they dream of food. Healthy snacks paired with praises can be handy during training. Reward your canine with healthy treats when they understand you and accomplish your instructions, or simply to show him some love.

Let Me Sniff

Sniffing other dogs’ butts is like scrolling through social media in dog life. Most dogs need to engage and interact with other dogs. The earlier you expose your dog to socialization, the earlier they will feel more comfortable and friendly. Your canine will also learn to behave and be respectable with others.

Share With Me

Dogs are amazing at perceiving our emotions. They can feel it when you come home in a bad mood. However, dogs’ thoughts are not complex, they are not skilled to figure out what triggered your emotions. They have no idea if they did something wrong or funny. Your feelings can be contagious to your dog and they would feel the same way too. So when you are feeling down, go ahead and let your canine companion comfort you with their unconditional love. They will feel better too.

Dogs have so much to offer and deserve the best from us! Now, be ready to fortify your pet parenting skills!

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