Tips For Mastering The Art Of Dog Walking

Tips For Mastering The Art Of Dog Walking

Dog owners know that it is important to bring their dogs on frequent walks, but studies have shown that about 20% of dog owners do not walk them enough. Furthermore, it is sometimes difficult to walk a big and stubborn dog who has a mind of its own. In order to walk dogs frequently, owners have to be motivated and make it a habit to bring their dogs out. Walks are not only good physical stimulants for your pets, but it is crucial for the overall well-being of dogs. Here are some tips for mastering the art of dog walking to make it an enjoyable time for both you and your dog.

Use a Front Clip Harness

If your dog has a habit of constantly pulling on a leash, you can consider using a front clip harness. Both dog collars and harnesses that clip from behind usually promote more dog pulling as they help train the dog to ignore the owner. Getting a front clip harness is a great investment. When you are shopping for a harness, be sure to check for a front clip-on. Apart from choosing the right harness, you will also need to spend time training your dog to walk properly.

Mentally Stimulate Dogs by Allowing Them to Sniff Around

In order to make the best out of the walking trip for your dog, allow them to be mentally stimulated by sniffing around. Dog walks are not only about physical exercise, it is also a time for them to explore and find out more about their environment. When you bring them out, allow dogs to sniff around to learn about their environment. The surrounding smells help to provide information and stimulation to the dog, allowing them to be more familiar with what is going on in the neighborhood.

Avoid Retractable Leashes

It is a good idea to steer clear from retractable leashes as they can result in unnecessary hazards, as compared to conventional leashes. Retractable leashes are usually very long and make it challenging to control your dog especially in areas with high traffic. This means that dogs can easily run onto a busy road since these leashes are not easy to reel in. These leashes are also known to cause injuries to humans, since grabbing onto the leash itself as the dog is running can cause rope burns.

Pick Up Your Pet’s Feces

If your dog decides to poop in the middle of a park or a street, remember to pick it up. Picking up your dog’s poop is more than just being a considerate citizen - if dog poop is left on the floor, it can result in major health concerns as pet waste contain many harmful bacteria and microorganisms. A good tip is to bring out poop bags when you walk your dog.

There are many nuances to dog-walking, and mastering the art of dog-walking is different for every dog. It is important to take time and understand your dog’s needs in order to properly walk them. If you love your dogs and would love to wear apparel that reminds you of them, feel free to visit Squishy Faces and purchase our pet products. Every purchase goes to help pets in need.

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