Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool In The Summer Heat

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool In The Summer Heat

While you may look forward to bringing your dog out for fun walks and even some longer trips when summer rolls around, there’s always a danger of your dog overheating. Thankfully, there are some top tips you can follow to keep your dog cool and out of danger. In this article, you can find some ways of keeping your dog cool when out and about in warm weather.

Avoid the Hottest Time of Day

What time of day do you typically walk your dog? You may have to adapt and adjust according to weather changes. If you usually go out during midday when it’s not as hot out, you may not wish to stick to the same schedule when the sun is at its brightest during summer. Instead, you may opt to bring your dog out earlier in the day or later on in the evening. One top tip is to test the temperature of the sidewalk with your hand before deciding if it’s safe to walk your dog.

Bring Water

Regardless of the duration of your walk, you will want to ensure that your dog has access to cold, fresh water at any time. You can do this by bringing along a squirt bottle and portable bowl. Every fifteen minutes or when your dog looks like they are thirsty, stop and let them have a drink. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t let them drink too much at once – it’s better to wait another five or ten minutes before letting them have another drink.

Play in Water

One sure-fire way of keeping your dog cool will also be fun for them – that is, if they love water. As much as possible, try to let your dog play in water bodies such as lakes and sprinklers. You can throw a stick into the water and let them fetch it. This is a fun and excellent way of lowering their body temperature while letting them get some exercise. Just remember to bring along some towels to dry your dog after they are done playing!

Avoid Leaving Your Dog in Parked Cars

No matter how soon you think you will be back, never leave your dog in a parked car. The interior temperature can quickly go up to dangerous levels and prove fatal for your dog, even if you leave a small window opening.

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