Tips For Improving Your Dog’s Recall

Tips For Improving Your Dog’s Recall

One of the proudest moments you can experience with your dog is getting them to stop and return to you when they are chasing something. You can achieve this by consistently working on their recall. The trick is to make sure that you are more interesting than the surroundings by supplying them with treats and praise. Your dog’s recall is one of the most important commands to teach but the hardest one to get right. If you want your dog to return when called, you have to become someone that is enjoyable to your dogs. Read on to learn more about the tips for improving your dog’s recall!

Use One Command for Recall

If you use the command “come here”, it must only be associated with recall and also with positive things. Each time they come back to you, let them know that they have made the best choice possible by giving them a reward such as a delicious treat. Only use the command “come here” for recall and not for other purposes. Give them a decent reward when they return so they can link the command with good things. If you link “come here” for negative things such as getting their nails trimmed or bath time, they will become less likely to obey. 

Take Baby Steps When Training 

A good recall doesn’t happen overnight. You need to build up a reliable recall over small steps. You will want to start off with short distances on a leash until you have a good recall. When your dog is reliably coming when it is called, then you can increase the distance. Soon you will be able to add in distractions such as practicing around other dogs or people. A reliable recall is built over time, so don’t rush the process. 

Be Consistent With Recall Command 

Dogs are always learning from us whether or not we realize it. We have to remember to give them a great reward whenever they come after a command. If you don’t reward them, they might decide that doing their own things is more rewarding than coming back to you. Dogs learn that they are rewarded for their choices. If your dog is recalled on command, you have to ensure they know that choice was the best one. Remember to praise them so they know it is a job well done and that your command is one worth listening to next time. 

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