These Are The Common Mistakes New Dog Owners Make

These Are The Common Mistakes New Dog Owners Make

Congratulations – you have brought your new dog home! Now, what do you do? Have you set any house rules and given some thought to how you will train them? If not, it’s best to learn more about the common mistakes new dog owners make so you will not repeat them.

Choosing a Dog Based on Looks

Sure, you may have an absolute favorite breed because it’s just so cute. We hear you, but you should never choose your new dog based on looks alone. The personality and behavioral patterns of your dog are largely dependent on their breed, and you will not want to get a husky if you live in an apartment and don’t have time for a long walk every day.

Not Setting Up House Rules

Before you bring your dog home, you will want to think about the house rules you want it to follow. For instance, it is allowed on the furniture? Then, you will want to get all members of the household seated for a discussion and make sure everyone is on the same page. This will prevent confusion which can be frustrating both for yourself and your dog.

Not Ensuring Consistency in Rule Enforcement

If you are telling your dog off for doing the same thing another family member is rewarding them for, your dog will get confused. Therefore, you have to hold human beings accountable for giving your dog the right cues. This includes informing house guests who will be interacting with your pet often about the rules you have set and letting them know what’s acceptable and what’s not.

Not Socializing Your Dog During the Crucial Period

One common and fatal mistake made by new dog owners is that dogs are naturally friendly and that this will develop without any help. Being the age of 12 to 16 weeks is critical for a puppy’s development and during this time, you will want to socialize your dog as much as possible, both with other dogs and humans. The more positive interactions your dog has during this time, the friendlier their adult personality will turn out to be, so make sure you get out there with your dog and make some friends!

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