The Shoes and the Holiday

The Shoes and the Holiday

I am sure by now most of you have see our amazing pet lover shoes, to match your perfect Squishy Face!  But have you gotten your order in yet?  This will be a must have for any pet enthusiast this holiday season.

We have so many amazing things planned for this holiday season.  As you know we wrap most of your orders anyhow but soon we will be able to gift wrap you items and ship them for you!  One less step for you this holiday season.  We are ready for fall with a new line of dog lover hoodies and puffer vests.  We have the amazing pick your dog breed tote bags that will take us into winter.  What better way to shop than with your amazing tote bag!  

But we do have one event coming up very quickly that will top them all, even the jolly guy in the red suit.  On Aug 19th Squishy Faces will be 1 year old and that is an event that you do not want to miss! 

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