The Awareness Collection and March Rescue

Everyone loves their pets with Squishy Faces, but what about other causes that are dear to everyone's hearts. The Autism Awareness collection combines the best of both.

Also, have you read the story of this month's rescue yet?  If you have not checked out the story of Rocky, have a tissue ready, it is got to be one of the hardest rescue stories we have had in our 16 months.  Please, please check out their shirts and help these gentle giants. Danes have such a great heart and are such a joy to be around (just don't leave birthday cake on the counter)  The rescues do so much to work with the giant breeds, I know they would love your support.

Autism affects 1 child in every 110 children. Be a part of raising awareness and support the Autism & Asperger's community with our Autism Awareness Squishy Face shirt. This wonderful design features bright colors for joy and optimism and the puzzle pieces illustrate the complexity of this condition that has changed the lives of so many families. Show your support in every way possible each time you wear your new Autism Awareness T-Shirt.

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