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Stella - It's all about Stella

If you own a French Bulldog you might get asked this question often.  

What's wrong with her ears?!? 

Well let us tell you, not a single thing is wrong with her ears. They are up like that because it is better for her to ignore everything we say. I know I am not the only one with a stubborn but yet most adorable dog.  Take this morning, Stella most days will come to the print shop with us to great the UPS guy and really just lay around.  Today was your typical day - "Stella lets go" it is like asking a 5-year-old where they put their shoes.  Today Stella was having nothing of walking out of the house.  So, in typical teenager fashion, Stella stayed home.

Now we have cameras in the house to keep track of what she did during the day, it was like a Risky Business Party House!  She let all of the others out of their crates and rooms, the cat was helping himself to what the dogs drug out of the pantry. The mess is unbelievable, I can say that because I am still watching it on the camera, now you can talk to them on the camera system also.  And like this morning the first thing they do is SCATTER when they hear your voice.  

So the next time someone asks us "What is wrong with your Pugs ears"? We will have a giggle and know that she is just perfect and naughty and adorable just how she is, but also that she is a total BULLDOG! 

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