Should You Get A Second Dog?

Should You Get A Second Dog?

If you are considering getting a second dog, you may have some apprehensions about the cost as well as concerns about whether your existing dog will cope well with the change. The good news is that there are many benefits that can come out of owning a second dog, which we will share more about with you in this article.

Ease Separation Anxiety

As all pet parents are well aware of, dogs can suffer from separation anxiety when left alone. While some dogs will grow out of this eventually, the problem can persist and even become more serious for others. This may be an issue you have if you need to leave the house for work in the daytime. When you get a second dog, your dogs can keep each other company while you are away and even help to keep each other out of mischief!

Make Training Easier

While it’s not recommended to get two puppies at once, having a puppy and an older dog around the house can be a good idea. Instead of having to train your puppy from scratch all by yourself, you can expect your older dog to model some behaviors. For instance, potty training will be made easier as the puppy will go where the older dog does. Chances are, your puppy will look to its senior for guidance and take some of the hard work off your shoulders.

No Significant Increase in Costs

Yes, getting a second dog will mean having to pay for another set of immunizations and vet visits. However, your two dogs can share many of the same supplies such as toys, beds, and food. If you have one puppy and one older dog, your puppy may need to have some specially formulated puppy food until it gets older. You may wish to clarify this with your vet if you are unsure.

Save a Dog and Experience Double the Love

Did you know that many dogs in animal shelters are eventually euthanized if no one adopts them after a certain period of time? By getting a second dog, you would be saving another life and doubling the love in your home. We all love dogs because of how loyal and affectionate they are and one thing’s for sure: we can never have enough love to go around!

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