Sale on our Squishy Faces Toys!

Sale on our Squishy Faces Toys!

Hey Guys! We are now having a great sale on Squishy Faces for our toys that are in our Squishy Boxes.

Our Squishy boxes are a great new addition that we are super proud of. Inside our Squishy Box you will receive a toy chosen specifically for the size of your breed, an antler chew that your dog will love, a shirt that is designed to show the love you have for your breed, a Squishy Faces pin, and of course a Squishy Faces drawstring bag that you can carry it all in! Starting at only $28.99 this box is an awesome deal you don't want to miss out on. 

However, if the rest of the box isn't for you and your pup then you can now grab a toy that we choose for the size of your dog for only $10. If your dog loves the toys like ours do then make sure you come back and get more before the deal ends and the toys run out! 

We have over 10 different toys in house right now that we choose from and they are all absolutely adorable. We have carrots and broccoli for the vegetable lovers. We have crinkly toys that some dogs go nuts for. We have toys with squeakers, plush, and some with a rope like feel. It is safe to say that we have something for every dog to enjoy. Even if your dog is one of those lazy dogs that just likes to cuddle with their toys we have something for them too!

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