Rescues, Help my Friends out

Rescues, Help my Friends out


Hi everyone, it's Stella. RESCUES

I hope everyone is having a good week. RESCUES

I was going to take this time to introduce you to my new friends at Bailey's Way Rescue ( That is the rescue Squishy Faces is helping for the month of October. But my hooman friend, Donna really needs some help finding new rescues. If anyone has a rescue, they would like to nominate please contact Donna at you realize that Squishy Faces has a monthly rescue? We donate 10% of our net profits from Squishy Faces to a rescue every month. RESCUES

Please help my friends out, you buy a shirt they get a check. By the way have you seen the new pins. You can collect them by buying shirts or hats or tumblers. They are so cute! You even get a lanyard to put them on. RESCUES

card holder with stickers

I guess that's all for this week. RESCUES
As always, 




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