Reasons To Adopt And Not Shop For A New Dog

Reasons To Adopt And Not Shop For A New Dog

Are you thinking of adding a new family member to your house? If so, you will be deciding between adopting a dog instead of shopping for one. While there are many compelling reasons to do so, no doubt you will have considered numerous factors, including the costs involved. In this article, we share with you some great reasons you should adopt and not shop for a new dog.

Save a Life

As a dog lover, no doubt one of the most important things to you is the happiness and welfare of any dog you own. Because there are so many pets in animal shelters, those who do not get adopted after a period of time are euthanized. When you adopt a dog, not only are you giving them a second chance at life, you are giving yourself a great gift of love.

Get a House-Trained Dog

If you are going to be too busy to train a dog from scratch, adopting a dog will make things much easier for you. Often, dogs in an animal shelter find their way there because their previous families are moving or going through a divorce, and these dogs are amiable and pleasant pets who have been house-trained. This will save you a great deal of time and trouble when it comes to getting them house-trained.

Costs Less

Worried about the costs associated with owning a dog? When you adopt, you can expect to pay much less. The adoption price typically includes immunizations, spaying/neutering, as well as microchipping. When you shop for a new dog, you will have to take into consideration all these additional costs.

Fight the Cruelty of Puppy Mills

Did you know that you could very well be contributing to a puppy mill when you shop for a new dog? Even if you are doing so unknowingly, puppy mills breed dogs in a cruel manner, keeping mother dogs in cages for years until they have served their purpose. After which, they are simply killed or sold off when they are no longer useful. In addition, the puppies are housed in poor conditions, and all so that the owners can turn a profit. Say no to this cruel industry practice when you adopt a dog instead of buying one today.

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