On the lookout for rescues to partner with!

On the lookout for rescues to partner with!

Hey Squishy Fans! As always we are looking for rescues that want to work with us. We work with rescues so that we can help them with funding by giving 10% of our profits to them for the month that they work with us. Our artists work with the rescues to create products that they want to see as well as what their followers request. 

With our past rescue partners we have made laser engraved cups, embroidered hats and other apparel, and DTG (Direct to Garment) print shirts, pants., blankets, and so much more. We are also always coming up with new products and ideas for our rescue partners and we are always up for trying new things that are requested. We had requests for toys, towels, and blankets in the past and we brought those to the store specifically for our rescues!

We love working with rescues all over and helping them with whatever they need. If you know a rescue that would like to work with us or just have a favorite rescue that you work with often send us their name and we will get with them. We can usually find the rescues information with just their name but the more information you have the better. Send us their information at contact@squishyfaces.com and we will get in contact with them as soon as we can! 

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