Mystery Dog Mom Shirts

Mystery Dog Mom Shirts

We are now offering completely mystery tees! Have you ever wanted to give someone a gift but weren't sure exactly what design or color they would like? Have you ever wanted to spice up your online shopping by getting something new. If so, our Mystery Mom shirt is perfect for you. 

We choose the design and color of the shirt and make sure they look great together. We make our decision based on the size shirt you choose and the breed (We also do cats!) you give us. It is completely optional to put a breed but it will help to give you something breed specific. We don't guarantee that you will get a breed specific design but we will do our best!

This mystery shirt is the first of many we have coming out. Since this one is exclusively for moms we will also be releasing one exclusively for all the dads out there. Keep an eye out for that and all the other cool things we have coming soon!

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