My new pal Studdy!  Southern Cross Animal Rescue

My new pal Studdy! Southern Cross Animal Rescue


Hi everyone, it's Stella.

I am so excited, just like this song, to introduce to you my new friends from Southern Cross animal rescue or scar, SCAR. Here is a picture of my new friend Spuddy.
They do really good work with lots of different animals but mostly bulldogs here is their information       Hopefully we can have more information about them next week.
As always,

Studdy's Story
On intake, Spud had a long list of issues. He was lethargic, severely emaciated, loaded with internal parasites, covered in fleas and ticks, had a skin infection, and was heavy heartworm positive.Today, he is happy and healthy! He still struggles with some skin issues but giving him medicated baths has helped tremendously. While in our care, he has also been heartworm treated and has remained heartworm negative.Spud is 5.5 years old and has been in our care since 2018. He keeps us on our toes and makes us laugh daily with his silly antics. He loves to be around people and will crawl up in your lap for attention.We’ve learned a lot about the Bull Terrier breed since rescuing him. However, the breed is not for everyone and requires a lot of work. Our "Spud-Muffin" is a shelter favorite and needs a particular home.First and foremost, he has to be the only pet and cannot be with young children- no exceptions. Second, he has a very intense toy drive and will do almost anything for his favorite squeaky. Third, a fenced-in yard is needed to keep him and other animals safe.His strict requirements have made it difficult to place him, but we know his perfect family is out there somewhere!"s" 




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