Meet Zeek

Newest Southern Cross Animal Rescue introduction. This special guy is Zeek!
In May 2018, we took in a dog that had been found scooting around under a bridge. He was paralyzed in his back end, unable to walk, heart-worm positive, and had a very grim prognosis.
He was the happiest dog and didn’t seem to even notice his disability. Our vet said he has a spinal issue but didn’t seem to be in any pain. We were so excited to give him a chance.
Over time Zeek started to occasionally use his back legs. Our staff started physical therapy with him and he would occasionally use a wheelchair. He slowly started walking for short amounts of time and then go back to dragging his back legs. But today, he gets around just fine! He does seem a little “off-balance” at times, especially when he’s had a lot of playtime, but Zeek continues to amaze us every day. His strength and determination are amazing! He will not accept that he is “broken.”
In 2019, one of our board members raised enough money by making custom pet ornaments to have him heart-worm treated! So today, his heart is healthy and heart-worm free!
He may run a little different than other dogs and will always be special needs, but you will not find a happier dog than Zeek!
Zeek The Dog

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