Meet Gracie

Meet Gracie

Another week another amazing story from our friends over at Southern Cross Animal Rescue. They would like you to meet Gracie.

On November 3rd 2020, we took in a mama pittie and her three one-week-old babies only hours before they were set to be euthanized. When we got this little family we had no idea how hard the days ahead would be.

The puppies all had pneumonia and Baby Grace, the smallest was in for the fight of her life. We were told by multiple vets that she would likely not make it and if she did, she would be very small and have special needs. Grace’s foster family fought hard for weeks, oftentimes having to give her CPR to bring her back. She fought to live, so they fought with her. She had breathing treatments twice a day, a makeshift oxygen tank her foster daddy built, and was on strong antibiotics.

Today this girl is absolutely a miracle. She has one lung and is believed to have a condition called ciliary dyskinesia. She is almost 50 pounds and lets nothing slow her down! She is the Queen of her home and makes sure everyone knows! We are just amazed by her progress and how she defied all odds.

Grace will live out her life with the family who fought so hard for her along with a few other SCAR alumni dogs, including her brother, Gunner.

This was a long, scary, and very expensive journey but because our supporters believe in what we do, we were able to afford to give Grace and her family the care they deserved.

Georgia, Gabby, Gunner, and Grace are all in loving homes and living their best lives!

This is why we rescue.

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