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It's all about the leggings

Finally the wait is over!  

The official Squishy Faces pet lover leggings are in stock!  You have no idea how excited we are about these.  They are fun and sporty and a bit on the quirky side. But they match most of our adorable pet lover shirts.  And best of all they go to help animal rescues.  After all that is why we are all here.

This month we are going to do something a bit different we have 3 different projects going on for support - we have Achilles, we are working oh so hard to get his vest. We have Save-A-Lab - they are a outstanding organization who helps all breeds of dogs.  Then we have Lily's Pad Rescue, they are so amazing with what they do, they help diapered and carted bulldogs all on the west coast as they are located in Washington.

We have high hopes for April  and cannot wait for you guys to have your leggings! 

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