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It's all about the Leggings

I am sure we have all seen them by now-those exciting leggings with all of the fun prints.

Well, Squishy Faces has decided to offer their own line of leggings that match perfectly with our hooded tee’s! Of course, they will feature fun patterns and prints. Every month we will offer three different styles. Since we don’t know the exact interest, we have decided to open them up to pre-order.

Each month we will open the leggings up to pre-order for one week. This will be the best time to get your order in! Not only will you be guaranteed a pair, but you will get them at a discounted rate! If you choose to wait, we will be ordering a few extras on top of the pre-order. This is a bit risky since you will have to put in your order quickly, but we understand if this is the route you choose. It is a bit exciting, isn’t it? If you want to know when the pre-order is open, you can follow us on snapchat (@shopsquishyface) and be the first to know. Otherwise, keep an eye on the website!

The first 3 styles are up on the website, so you can check them out. 

We have had a lot of people ask about the sizing on these, they run small like other leggings from the major athletic brands. They have the yoga waist band and more of a spandex feel.

So far, they have been a hit around the office. We can’t wait to see what you guys think of them!

Also, please remember that once the pre-order is closed and we put in our order, it will take roughly six weeks for us to receive them. Once we have them, we will ship them out right away and we promise to keep you all updated every step of the way! If you ever have any questions regarding a product or your order, you can email us, give us a call, or reach out to us through social media (facebook/twitter).

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