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Items That You & Your Dog Will Equally Love Using

When you’re looking for any item for your dog, whether it be for their health, happiness, or just for fun, you will want something that meets your expectations and makes it worth the cost. Common things you’ll look for in a doggy item include practicality, durability, and a fair price. Sometimes it’s hard to find things with all three—making it difficult to track down the ideal item. It’s just an added bonus if the item is helpful to your dog and yourself! That’s why we’re so excited to share with you 4 incredible items we’ve discovered that meet all of these criteria. Read on to see what they are (and just try to put your wallet down!).

A Hands-Free Dog Leash

If you thought all leashes served the same basic function, think again. Amazingly, there are now dog leashes that don’t even require you to hold them using your hands! If you don’t believe us, check out these top-rated hands-free dog leashes. As you can see, they are ingeniously designed so they can easily attach to all manner of objects, from your stroller to your bike.

Yes, you can finally go on a bike ride with your dog right beside you! Just think of all the possibilities a hands-free dog leash opens up—it really is up to your imagination how you can use one. Just be sure to shop around as there are so many different types, each with different features that may or may not suit your objectives. For instance, some features include reflective strips for greater visibility, stainless steel clasps for extra support, and weather-resistant materials to prepare you for rain or shine.

A Dog Sweater

Dog clothing isn’t just for adorable photo shoots with your dog. Some items serve to protect your dog from the elements. A dog sweater is one such item. It boasts equal amounts of practicality and cuteness in one. Whether you’re both out and about when the weather takes a cold turn, or you’re trying to keep your dog warm in the dead of winter, a dog sweater is the perfect solution.

Made from high-quality, durable material that’s comfy to wear too, your dog will feel snug no matter how low the temperature drops. Keeping your dog warm is important, as the last thing you want is for them to get sick with a cold. And needless to say, you’ll appreciate just how gorgeous they look in their outfit, so go ahead and take a million photos! Who can blame you when your pooch is looking ridiculously cute in their winter wears?

An Automatic Food Dispenser

We all know the sound of a hungry dog. Their stomach is rumbling and they’re looking at you with their pleading eyes. You, of course, want to always ensure they’re fed regularly, but as we all know, dog’s stomachs don’t always work on a regular schedule. There are so many times after we’ve just fed them that they’re somehow already ready for another meal! And on these occasions, it’s not always possible to drop everything and feed them.

This is why an automatic food dispenser will be your secret weapon. Instead of needing to attend to your dog’s every craving, you can instead delegate such a responsibility to this crafty device. Your dog will no doubt love the easy access it gives to food, and the fact they no longer need to wait for you to be free. What’s more, investing in this device will free up a lot of your time—meaning you’ll have more of it to cuddle your dog and to carry out other responsibilities like walks.

Paw Wax

Any item that helps our four-legged friends to stay safe is a valuable item by any dog owner’s standards. This is why we love paw wax so much! Paw wax is a topical wax you apply to your dog’s paws to protect them from scratches and cuts when they’re walking or running about. It works by providing a layer of protection between their paws and uncomfortable surfaces like sand, ice, and salt. Some kinds can even be applied to wounds to encourage their healing.

Pax wax achieves all of these things with its mixture of paw-protecting ingredients. And for those concerned about applying chemicals or other not-so-nice ingredients to your dog, there are countless natural options available. In fact, most will have soothing, natural ingredients like jojoba oil, vitamin E, Shea butter, and beeswax, making this item one that can be used as much as you see fit!

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