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In house printing

Some of you might know and some might not but recently we decided to move all printing in house.  This allows us to offer a better selection of colors in specific breeds.  We hope that it will give you and us more control with your order.  Now trust me it is not with out some bumps.

I am not sure I own a article of clothing that does not have a bit of extra ink, we have had a few tears over the process and have had a lot of "OMG I LOVE THAT" moments.  In addition to moving in house we are changing up some of our designs.  You might have noticed a new Frenchie, a new Pug and we recently printed the PitBull it is amazing.  

But the best is yet to come, I cannot wait to see the Shepherd in all of it's red, white and blue for the up coming holiday.  We are about 1/2 way to our goal for Achilles so getting closer one shirt at a time.  So all in all I have to say printing is going to be pretty positive, even if we never get a full night sleep or weekend free again.   Your reviews make it all worth while.

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