Helpful Ways To Calm Your Hyper Cat

Helpful Ways To Calm Your Hyper Cat

If you are a cat owner, you most likely understand that the perfect idea of a cat purring softly and laying down calmly while you pet her is not accurate. At least some of the time. Cats are known for getting a little crazy, having sharp bursts of energy that range from jumping and running around the house at high speeds to play-fighting with other pets at home. This behavior can be frustrating or alarming for cat owners but it is actually their natural behavior. If your cat exhibits a high level of activity all of a sudden, here are some helpful ways to calm your hyper cat. 

Structure In Playtime 

Similar to dogs, cats need to have an energy outlet. If they don’t have ways to express that energy out during the day, you will find them running around the house, climbing furniture, and getting into places that they shouldn’t. By structuring in playtime, you can reduce any unwanted behavior. Use cat-friendly toys such as a tennis ball or interactive LED lasers. You can also try food-dispensing toys for some cats because it helps with their instinct to hunt for food. These scheduled playtimes can last from five to ten minutes each. Take note that some cats can become overstimulated if they play for too long. 

Create Harmony In The Household 

Sharing a house with other pets or multiple cats can stress cats out. Personalities can change whenever the number of cats increases. It is possible to keep many cats but you need to do the work to ensure harmony within the group. You can consult with an experienced animal behaviorist to sort out any issues. You can also ask your veterinarian for good recommendations. Increased exercise and mental stimulation will help as well. 

Create Safe Outdoor Experiences

If cats do not have a safe and structured way to keep themselves entertained, they will find their own way to use that energy. This is something like “cabin fever”. If they are cooped up inside the house, they might long for some outside stimulation. But there are dangers outside such as wild animals and traffic. However, you can find ways to provide safe outdoor activities for your cat. You can use a harness for cats when they go out exploring with you. You can also use an outdoor enclosure such as a catio, which enables your cat to enjoy being outside without becoming subjected to predators. 

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