Health Benefits Of Having A Cat In Your Life

Health Benefits Of Having A Cat In Your Life

Cats are beloved for their adorable appearances and playful personalities, but did you know that having a cat in your life is actually beneficial for your health? If you are a cat lover, this is even more reason to love them! Pets bring fulfillment and happiness into our lives, and research has shown that they can positively impact our physical and mental well-being. Read on to learn more about the benefits of having a cat. 

Feel Positive And Less Stressed With Cats

Cat videos are one of the most popular types of content on the Internet, and there’s a good reason why. Watching cat videos is a great way to reduce stress and boost your mood. Having a cat in your life will also make you happier, less lonely, and lower your stress and anxiety levels. If you are having a bad day, petting your cat will leave both you and your pet feeling happier. Petting cats is also known to have a positive calming effect. 

Cats Help You Sleep Better 

Some people may think that it is uncomfortable to sleep in the same space as pets because they take up space. However, studies have shown that pet owners prefer to sleep with their cats because they sleep better. Sleeping with your cat can provide you with a sense of comfort, security, and enable you to fall asleep easier. If your cat chooses to sleep on your bed, it is also a sign of trust and affection. 

A Cat’s Purring Has Healing Properties 

While cats purr for various reasons, they typically purr to express contentment and happiness. Listening to a cat purring is comforting and calming, but it also has a healing effect on our body. Cats purr at a frequency of around 20 to 150 Hertz, and sound frequencies within this range have a healing effect on joint mobility and can improve bone density and wound healing. There are also many stories of people who felt their migraines were alleviated after they listened closely to cats purring. 

Early Exposure to Cats Lessens Chances of Developing Allergies

Having a pet in the household is beneficial for kids in terms of their development and upbringing. While some parents worry that cats do not make good pets for kids, most cats are loving and gentle with children. More importantly, early exposure to cats can potentially lower your child’s chances of developing allergies. Apart from protecting kids from pet allergies, having your child interact with your cat consistently can also prevent them from other common allergens such as dust mite, grass, and ragweed. 

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