Fun Indoor Games To Play With Your Cat

Fun Indoor Games To Play With Your Cat

Unlike dogs, cats are indoor pets that do not have to take daily walks. However, this also means that they need to get a suitable amount of exercise indoors to keep them healthy and happy. While cats may play by themselves or with other cats, it is also recommended for cat owners to spend at least multiple ten-minute sessions engaging their cats in interactive playtime. Playtime will your cats will definitely be exciting and rewarding with these fun games to play with your cat:

Playtime Magic With Cat Wands

Cat wands are a type of cat teaser toy that consists of a long stick and a variety of toys like feathers, bugs, and bells attached to a string. Cat wands are a great way to engage your kitty’s predator instincts and enable them to exercise effectively. Cats are natural hunters, and there are various ways to use cat wands to stimulate their hunting instincts. You can move the toy above their heads to mimic birds, or you can hide the toy behind an obstacle in their line of sight to simulate a prey that’s hiding. With so many different cat wand options, your cat is sure to love playing with them. 

Play Fetch With Your Kitty

Fetch is not only a dog’s game! Cats can also be trained to play fetch and they enjoy this game immensely. You will need a toy that is safe and easy for your cat to carry in their mouths. Attract your cat’s attention with the toy and throw it across the room. Your cat will jump to chase the toy, and may even automatically bring it back to you to throw again. If your cat does not bring the toy back, you can encourage them to repeat the game by rewarding them with treats or pets so they know they’re doing a good job. 

Cats Love Paper Bags

You may have noticed that your cats like to squeeze into cardboard boxes and explore paper bags. Turn these regular household items into a fun playtime session with your cats! Place a paper bag on the floor and allow your cat to explore it. Once your cat goes inside, scratch and poke the outside of the paper bag to create sound and movement. Your cat will have lots of fun hiding inside! Just be careful and ensure that your kitty doesn’t get stuck in the bag’s handles.  

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