Fun Indoor And Outdoor Games To Play With Your Dog

Fun Indoor And Outdoor Games To Play With Your Dog

Dogs are energetic and active pets that need a lot of playtime in order to remain happy and healthy. Whether at home or outside, there are a lot of fun and rewarding games to play with your dog. Playtime is not just important for your dog’s health but also helps promote a better relationship between you and your dog. Enjoy bonding time with your dog using these top three indoor and outdoor games!

Dogs Love Catching Frisbees

Frisbee is like a better version of fetch as it allows your dog to run over long distances and promotes agility. While all dogs love chasing and catching frisbees, breeds like Border Collies and Labrador Retrievers are naturally great at playing frisbee. If your dog is unfamiliar with this game, you can start off by using a soft frisbee disc so that your dog doesn’t get hurt when catching it. Encourage your dog to catch the frisbee by rolling it on the ground or throwing the disc over short distances. Once your dog has gotten the hang of it, you can practice with longer distances. 

Play Tug With Your Dogs

Tug is a classic dog game that can be played indoors and outdoors. Many dog owners mistakenly believe that tug promotes aggression and problematic behavior, but this is completely untrue. Playing tug can help your dog build confidence, improve impulse control, and keep them physically and mentally engaged. All you need to get is a tug toy, or you can even DIY one using an old t-shirt. Teach your dog to follow the command “drop it” so that they learn to let go of the toy, and if your dog’s teeth touch your skin, stop the game immediately so that they understand that this is wrong. You can definitely let your dog ‘win’ the game, and doing so will not make your dog more dominant over you.   

Play Hide And Seek With Treats 

All dogs love treats, and they like it even more when there is a game involved! This indoor nose work game is not only super fun for your furry friend, but it also helps stimulate their brains and builds their problem-solving skills. You can either get dog puzzle toys that are specially designed for this game or just hide some smelly treats around the house for your dog to find. Give them a lot of praise when they manage to find all the treats, and they will be even more eager to play this game again!

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