Winter The Dog : French Bulldog Rescue Network Spotlight

Winter The Dog : French Bulldog Rescue Network Spotlight

Our friends at French Bulldog Rescue have a spotlight on this little cutie named Winter. We want to share her story with you and help find her a forever home!

After a year in foster care, Winter is ready for her forever home. She LOVES snuggling with her people and canine pals and her ideal home is one where she is not left alone with no one to provide said snuggles! Now that Winter is able to walk, she would also appreciate a person who enjoys leisurely strolls. But don’t get too relaxed! Winter is known for being sweet and well-behaved, but she still has the occasional streak of puppy-like mischief

Winter’s journey has been amazing. From being very underweight and unable to use her back legs to now walking and being at an ideal weight. It’s truly astonishing how far this gorgeous girl has come in the last year! She may have a laundry list of medical concerns, but don’t let that deter you! Not only is her personality more than worth the extra work, but after a year, Winter’s foster mom has it all figured out and can share exactly what is needed to keep this girl looking and feeling great.

Winter will do best living with someone who can be home with her all day. She does not like to be left alone and cannot be crated. The best home for Winter is one with a fenced yard and no stairs. If her new home has stairs, they must be blocked so that she does not try to use them and further injure her back. Winter loves children, but due to her back issues, she will need a forever home with older dog savvy children.

Winter adores other dogs! She would love to live in a home with other pups to snuggle with. One of her favorite things to do in her foster home is “mother” the other dogs she lives with by cleaning their faces and ears. If she isn’t snuggled up with her favorite person or another pup, she can be found chewing on a Nylabone while curled up in her favorite bed with her pink blanket.

Winter’s new owners must be willing and able to care for her special needs. Winter walks with impairment due to her IVDD. While she can run, her back end tends to get away from her. Winter is both fecal and urinary incontinent and will need to wear diapers. She is allergic to almost everything including human skin. She has masses on her own skin and hair loss on her face, ears, and feet due to her allergies. She also has very bad acid reflux and requires medications daily. Winter takes daily medication for acid reflux, anxiety, allergies, and gets allergy shots monthly. She also takes standard supplements daily. Winter can also be temperamental to feed. Some days she eats all by herself and others, she requires spoon feeding. This certainly sounds like a lot for one little French bulldog, but for Winter, it is all worth it. She is a sweet and well behaved little darling who only barks and get excited when someone is at the door. We think she’s also pretty excited about getting her own forever home very soon too!

Adorable Winter is ready to find the perfect forever home! Winter is a funny, affectionate girl. She will require a loving family that wants to take care of her and all of her little quirks. She loves snuggling with her favorite person and the other dogs in her foster family. Winter walks pretty well and loves going outdoors in her stroller and for car rides. She also really enjoys spending time with children. If snuggling and going for leisurely strolls is your thing, keep reading, Winter could be the one for you!

If you are interested or know someone who would be interested in getting to know sweet Winter you can find more information about her on French Bulldog Rescue Networks website.

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