Facts About Dogs You've Never Learned In School

Facts About Dogs You've Never Learned In School

Dogs are man’s best friends, as we all know. They are adorable and loyal. They provide us with companionship, love and are always jumping with joy to welcome us home.  But did you know that their noses are wet so that they can absorb scent chemicals? Or that their nose print is unique, just like our fingerprints? Getting curious? Read on to find out more amazing facts about dogs!

They Have a Powerful Nose

Dogs possess one of the most powerful noses in the animal kingdom. They have nearly 300 million olfactory receptors in their nasal cavity, which is 50 times greater than ours. In the right conditions, dogs can smell up to a circumference of 12 miles!

They Are Curious

Does your canine bounce around with exuberance at the sight of a new toy? Dogs are very curious animals and love discovering new things. This neophilia characteristic in dogs might have aided their adaptation towards humans.

They Reduce Our Stress

The simple gesture of petting a dog decreases the level of cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress and anxiety in humans. At the same time, this social interaction between humans and canines triggers the production of the happy hormone oxytocin, creating a surge in positive emotions.

They Cannot Eat Chocolate

Chocolate is heavenly to our taste buds but it is toxic for our canines. Dogs cannot metabolize theobromine and caffeine in chocolates like us. Consuming chocolate could cause a serious toxic buildup in their system which could be fatal.

They Do Not Sweat Like Us

Have you ever wondered if dogs sweat? Dogs have two types of sweat glands for different purposes. They sweat through merocrine glands which are located in their paw pads. They also sweat from apocrine glands located throughout their body. While sweating through their paws can cool your pup down, the presence of scent pheromones in sweat from apocrine glands helps dogs recognize one another.

They Can Be Right or Left-Pawed

There have been some studies and it turns out that just like humans, canines have a preferred limb to lead with. You can unearth if your pooch is right or left-pawed by offering them a treat or their favorite toy and watch which paw they reach out first!

They Are Individuals Just Like Us

Many of us have the wrong perception that dogs are pack animals, but they aren't. This is especially the case for domesticated dogs. Each dog is unique and has its specific needs. Just like humans, they have preferences for some and dislike others. Sometimes they do choose a best paw friend!

They Tilt Their Head

We are often amused by the perky ears, curious eyes, and adorable dramatic head tilt of dogs. Do you know that there are reasons behind these gestures? One reason for these gestures is that your pooch is trying to hear and see you better. Some other times, dogs are trying to empathize with you when they tilt their heads. Your dog is possibly trying to figure out familiar parts of the language and emotions in your tone.

They React to Our Emotions

The man and dog bond can impact our emotions in so many ways.  The connection is so strong that they often react to our emotions. When we are angry, nervous, happy, or scared, our body telegraphs these emotions to our canines through pheromones, tone of voice, and body postures. This is why your canine gets excited when you are happy and concerned when you are sad.

There is so much to love about dogs. They are loyal, selfless, and offer unconditional love. If you are thinking to welcome a dog in your family, do consider adoption to help rescue homeless canines.

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