Facts About Cats You've Never Learned In School

Facts About Cats You've Never Learned In School

Cats are amazing animals and our relationship with them dates back to as early as ancient Egypt, where cats were revered as magical creatures. Nowadays, cats are adored for their lovable appearance and playful antics. Read on for some interesting facts about cats that you won’t learn in school, and amaze your fellow cat fanatics with your knowledge. 

Is My Cat Right or Left-Handed? 

Have you ever wondered if cats are right or left-handed? Most cats actually do have a preferred paw for stalking around the house or pushing a cup of the table. Unlike humans, who are mostly right-handed, studies have shown that cats have an almost equal chance of being right or left-pawed. A smaller percentage of cats also have no preference for a dominant paw. Interestingly, female cats tend to prefer their right paw whereas male cats are typically left-handed. The next time you play with your cat, observe whether it tends to prefer using its right or left paw!

Cat Tail Language

We all wish that we could understand what our adorable pets are meowing. Well, if you can decode your cat’s tail language, you will be able to understand what they are trying to say! Cats communicate in many ways, including vocally and with their body language, so we need to pick up on these cues in order to understand what they are saying. Unlike dogs, when a cat wags its tail aggressively, this usually means that it is irritated. Cats who display a low or tucked tail may also be stressed or feeling submissive. When cats are happy, they will approach you with a straight tail that vibrates gently. In addition, if your cat’s tail is in the shape of a question mark, this signals that they like you and want to play! 

Spay And Neuter Your Kitties Early

A female cat can get pregnant as young as four months old. Thus, it is important to prevent unexpected kitty pregnancies and overpopulation by spaying and neutering your female and male kitties early. It is recommended for cat owners to spay and neuter their kitties when they are around five months old, and kittens can get the procedure done as early as eight weeks old. Studies also show that spaying and neutering your cats enable them to live longer. 

Don’t Feed Your Cat Milk

Many people have always believed that cats love to drink milk, and although kittens do drink their mother’s milk, adult cats are mostly lactose intolerant. Kittens start eating solid food around eight weeks old, and they slowly develop an inability to process dairy products. This is why you should not feed milk to your cats, as it can cause digestive issues and diarrhea. Some other foods that are harmful to cats include grapes, chives, onions, and garlic. 

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