Busting Common Myths About Cats

Busting Common Myths About Cats

Cats are amazing creatures that are extremely popular as pets. From their adorable appearance to their playful antics, what’s not to love about these kitties? While cats are super popular as pets, they are also often misunderstood and there are many superstitions and myths about cats. If you want to know what common myths about cats are completely untrue, read on to find out more!

Cats Are Low-Maintenance

The myth that cats are low-maintenance pets can be very harmful and is completely not true. While cats are considered low-maintenance compared to dogs because they do not need to be taken on walks daily, they still require a lot of love and care. Cats show their love and affection in different ways than dogs, and this may lead some people to mistakenly believe that cats are fully independent animals that do not care about their owners. This is not true and, unlike popular belief, cats can get separation anxiety, just like dogs. Thus, cat owners need to provide them with a stable environment and lots of care for them to lead fulfilling lives. 

Cats Do Not Like to Cuddle

Many people think that cats hate people and do not like human touch, but this is just a myth! Cats are actually very people friendly, but they just don’t display affection in the way dogs do. Although not all cats love to cuddle, there are many cats that do like hugs and snuggles. Typically, a cat that was petted regularly during its socialization period in kittenhood will be more receptive to your physical affection. Certain breeds like Burmese and Ragdolls are highly affectionate and love to be physically close with their owners. 

Cats Love to Drink Milk 

While many cats are drawn to dairy products because it reminds them of their childhood diet, it is actually not recommended for cats to drink milk! Most cats are lactose intolerant, and drinking milk can cause them to develop digestive problems and loose stools. You should also not feed your cat any food containing dairy. If your kitty is really attracted to dairy products, you can get them specially made cat food that contains a small amount of milk. 

Declawing A Cat is Harmless

Some cat owners think that declawing their cats to prevent them from scratching up the furniture is harmless. However, this is definitely not true. Some countries and U.S. cities have banned this practice because it is shown to have immense psychological and physical implications, including higher levels of aggression and more health issues. Trim your cat’s claws regularly if they are too sharp instead of removing them completely.   

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