Blog 9-2-21: Our New Friends from Florida

Blog 9-2-21: Our New Friends from Florida

Hey everyone, Stella here and I want you to meet my new friends from Florida.  They are Lowrider Dachshund Rescue, located in the sunshine state of, you guessed it, FLORIDA!

Here is a picture of my newest friend Pixel:

Dog Named Pixel in Delightful Mood

 Pixel was found in the streets and had been wandering quite a while. She was a mess with fleas and starving. Now she's healthy and has recently been adopted to her forever home.

 Here's Pixel when they found her:

 Pixel while sick

 And here she is now:


Low Rider Dachshund Rescue of Florida is an all volunteer group with an unyielding drive to save and improve the lives of the dogs that cross our path. With a network of foster homes and a dedicated team of volunteers, they rescue and deliver dogs all across the state. It is their goal to never turn away a dog that is within our capability to help. A mutual respect for each other and a passion for saving little dogs with loving hearts and big attitudes motivates them each and every day. 

 Visit their website below to see if you can help pitch in and get one of Pixel’s friends adopted 😊 - to donate, volunteer, or foster 

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