Benefits of Dogs?

Benefits of Dogs?

If you are a pet parent, chances are you are on one or the other side of the age-old debate between cats and dogs. As a dog lover, undoubtedly you will have many reasons why dogs are better than cats and as a cat lover, vice versa. While which is better for you will ultimately depend on your personality and lifestyle needs, we can think of a few convincing reasons why dogs are better than cats.

Dogs Are Loyal and Affectionate

Looking for a pet you can snuggle with and treat as your best friend? It’s not for no reason that dogs are referred to as man’s best friend. Dogs absolutely enjoy human company and require plenty of socialization to lead happy and healthy lives. However, you can be sure that once they have integrated as part of your family, the loyalty and affection they can offer you is second to none.

Dogs Can Guard the House

Sure, not every individual or household looks to get a dog for this specific reason. Many are simply looking for a furry companion they can love and bond with. Due to their fierce loyalty and their status as a pack animal, dogs can very often alert you when something is wrong in the house. This includes when there’s a strange noise or when they smell a fire.

Dogs Keep You Fit

Do you have trouble getting motivated to get out of the house? If so, a dog is the best motivation you can get. When you walk your dog, you are getting in your daily dose of cardio as well. In fact, seniors who own dogs are more physically active than seniors who do not own a pet.

Dogs Can Be Trained More Easily

While cats can be trained to a certain extent, this doesn’t change the fact that they are solitary animals while dogs are social animals. Once your cat gets tired of what you are doing, they are just going to walk off and attend to their own business. Not so with dogs. You can be sure that once your dog has your whole heart, they will do everything they can for you. This can go a long way in ensuring safety, obedience, and even providing you with some much-needed amusement.

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