Almost 2017 we are ready!

Squishy Faces will undergo some changes come the new year. We will feature some new shirt designs, some new dogs, and one not so “squishy faced”.

First, I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for an outstanding holiday season. We appreciate all that the Squishy Face family does to spread the word, and we appreciate all of the condolences we received upon the loss of our princess, Sophie, on Christmas Eve. It is our worst holiday on record, but your words of encouragement are helping us through this difficult time.

They say in the wake of tragedy, something special will come. After a lot of tears and windshield time, our boys arrived home with that something special, a member of Sophie’s family. I can’t help but to believe this was her way of letting us know that we will be okay. 

Coming up, Stella will appear in the Squishy Faces store. She is a baby, so she is still learning the ropes, but as we introduce her to you, please love her as much as we already do. She has already learned the Sophie head tilt. Stella has become our shining light into 2017, and in the midst of our tragedy, we have emerged on the other side full of love.

Sophie-we will see you again one day, and until then, please know that you are missed dearly by a lot of people. Keep Carrie Fisher company up there, as her Frenchie Gary comforts her family down here.


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