Affiliate Program - Earn Cash and Gear!

Affiliate Program - Earn Cash and Gear!

Happy Thursday! 

Do you love social media, do you love to take selfies?  If you answered yes, then you should join the Squishy Faces Affiliate program! 

You might or might not know that Squishy Faces offers an affiliate program.  We are always looking for people who not only love our cause but love our pet lover products.  This is a perfect avenue to earn a bit of cash for that vacation you have been saving for or just to add to a nest egg.  The affiliate program can also benefit animal rescues who might not of been able to get on the 2017 schedule but who has followers dedicated to helping.  This is a great path 

We have an affiliate only Facebook group where you can not only earn free stuff but also know exactly what is launching and when. The affiliate program is fun and easy and you get paid monthly!  

Click on the link at the bottom of the home page and join today! 

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