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A Special Giveaway Just for You!

We are going to do something amazing for April!  From now until April 15th (yeah Tax Day) we will take every order number and put it into one of those plastic eggs in the photo.  On April 16th we will have Stella pick her most favorite plastic egg and that order number will have their entire order refunded!  So not only do you get fantastic items but you get it 100% for free!   We are so excited about this giveaway so get your orders in now!  Help a rescue and get something super for yourself.

Now just a few inventory updates.  The leggings should be here mid to end of next week, we think they are on a slow boat from China.  But we do have pictures of all 1500 pair and we are so excited.  We also have shirts on order with glitter ink!  We will only have them in French and English to start but will move on to the other breeds and cats as well.  For those in much warmer areas of the country we have tank tops coming!  In just one color to start but will expand as the season changes.

Get something amazing and help a rescue or a K-9 we have some great items currently in stock and some amazing items coming.  We also move to printing in house in just two short weeks! 

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