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A little bit goes a long way

Sometimes this is a hard job.  But we have the fun side of pet rescue, we get to make an amazing pet lover product and then write a check.



But being in pet rescue is hard, it seems like there is never enough money, enough time or enough people to help.  If you follow social media you will always see posts about dogs or cats getting left at the shelters and rescues stepping in to help.  Sometimes you read about rescues having thousands of dollars of medical bills each month.  Until we started Squishy Faces we had no idea how hard of a job it is to rescue pets.



We do all we can to help each monthly rescue, but I just want you know, that we cannot do what we do without your help and with that we say Thank You.  Even if you don't buy a shirt, please consider a donation.  Every little bit goes a long way, they have a very hard job.



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