For Pet Lovers

As the festive season approaches, you may be looking to get a thoughtful gift your pet lover friend will appreciate. Or your friend may have a birthday coming up, and they are absolutely crazy about their pet. When that’s the case, we hear you. You can find an array of gifts for pet lovers in our online shop at Squishy Faces – both for pet owners and their beloved pooches.

About Our Products for Pet Lovers

Squishy Faces offers a wide range of products for pet lovers, including bags, outerwear, tumblers, hats, and towels. You can even find merchandise printed with a likeness of their beloved furry friend, and we make this easy for you by categorizing our products by breed! Whether your loved one has a chihuahua, Great Dane, or an English bulldog, you can find the perfect gift for them when you shop with us.

Why Our Products Make Great Gifts for Pet Lovers

You can never have too many hoodies or sweatshirts, and what better way for your loved one to show off how much their pet means to them? When you browse our collection of products, either by category or breed, you are sure to find numerous great gifts for the pet lover in your life. You may even have trouble choosing what to get! Whether it’s a hoodie that says “Dog Mom” or a tumbler printed with a likeness of their beloved pet, we are confident that the pet lover in your life will appreciate the gift you choose for them.

Popular Products for Pet Lovers

Struggling to decide between the many products we have in store? Check out some of these popular products for pet lovers:

  • If your loved one has a special pooch in their lives, our All Dog Breed Fabric Canvas Tote Bag will make a perfect gift. Whether their best friend is a pug, boxer, or husky, you can choose the perfect graphic to match.
  • T-shirts they can wear out proclaiming their love for their pet will always be a popular choice. With our Pick Your Breed Peeking On Pocket Print T-shirt, again, you can choose the dog breed that matches their pet.

Why Choose Squishy Faces?

If you are a pet lover yourself or have one in your life, shopping at Squishy Faces is so much more meaningful than getting a new shirt or tote bag. Every month, we donate a minimum of 10% of our profits to a chosen animal rescue center. Squishy Faces was started out of our desire to help the rescue centers that act as a temporary home to our pets, and to this end, we have kept everything local to the Midwest and community-focused. Every hat you buy is hand embroidered and every shirt is hand screened, ensuring that no two pieces are ever the same. Get the perfect gift for the pet lover in your life today.

For more information about our products for pet lovers, feel free to call us at (888) 634-4230 today.